in line the positioning of slave teams to work the indigo fields

In line the positioning of slave teams to work the indigo fields

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in   line  the positioning of slave teams to work the indigo fields. in the brace  in a vise. indigo  a deep violet blue. jelly-jar smile  pretended innocence. juba  a Southern plantation black dance of the ninteenth century, characterized by a lively rhythm  marked by clapping the hands. juniper  any of a genus of evergreen shrubs or trees of the cypress family, with needlelike or  scalelike foliage, aromatic wood, and berrylike cones that yield an oil used for flavoring gin and  formerly in medicine. keeping room  a colonial term for parlor or sitting room. King of Spain  Charles IV. knocked her down (or up)  mistreated or impregnated her. laid fires  arranged kindling, splits, and back logs to make a fire. led Oglethorpe through forests  native guides helped General James Oglethorpe colonize Georgia  in 1733, the same year that he founded Savannah.
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Unformatted text preview: Licking River a river that branches south from the Ohio River into northern Kentucky. lisle a fabric, or stockings, gloves, etc., knit or woven of lisle, a fine, hard, extra-strong cotton thread. live oak a wide-spreading, evergreen oak native to the southeastern U.S. Because it has tough bark and does not lose its leaves, the live oak often symbolizes resilience. looking for something to beat a life of tobacco and sorghum Paul D assumes that the stranger is a farm girl, fleeing the labor-intensive chores associated with the production of tobacco and molasses. Lot's wife in Genesis 19:24–26, the woman who disobeys God, looks back to see the destruction of Sodom and Gomorrah, and is turned into a pillar of salt....
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