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Jackson Purchase approximately 2

Jackson Purchase approximately 2 - moony romantically...

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Jackson Purchase  approximately 2,000 square miles of land that extended beyond the Tennessee  River and became an addition to the state of Kentucky in 1818, when General Andrew Jackson and  Isaac Shelby of the United States negotiated with the Chickasaw Indian Nation. The Chickasaws  received $300,000 over fifteen years. (In the same treaty, the Chickasaws relinquished 6,000 square  miles of land, which was added to the state of Tennessee.) jerry can  a container that holds about five gallons of liquid. Jesus bugs  insects that skim across the top of water. Jos é  Cuervo  a brand of tequila. Junebug  a large beetle. Keno  a bingo-type lottery game. "La Bamba"  a Mexican song made popular in the U.S. by Ritchie Valens. mange  a skin disease, common to mammals, characterized by lesions, itching, and hair loss. midi-skirt  a skirt that reaches mid-calf.
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Unformatted text preview: moony romantically sentimental. Mr. Ed a popular television show in the early 1960s whose title character was a talking horse. (The "horse" was actually a trained zebra.) mustard plaster a soothing treatment containing mustard. nineteen-ought-seven 1907; ought is a colloquial word meaning zero . notarized certified as authentic by a public officer. Old Grand-Dad a bourbon distilled in Kentucky. Oral Roberts University named for evangelist Oral Roberts and located in Tulsa, Oklahoma. ORV short for off-road vehicle; a camper known as a recreational vehicle (RV). Parkinson's disease a progressive disease, marked by shaking, that affects the nervous system. PCP phencyclidine; used by veterinarians as an anesthetic and used illegally as a psychedelic drug....
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Jackson Purchase approximately 2 - moony romantically...

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