Lou Ann - Lou Ann's self-confidence increases when she...

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Unformatted text preview: Lou Ann's self-confidence increases when she begins working at Red Hot Mama's salsa factory. Within no time she receives a promotion. Because of Lou Ann's more positive self-image, Taylor enjoys her company more than usual. However, Lou Ann still feels that she is "completely screwed up." She always looks for disasters and worries about things that haven't happened. For example, she relates a dream about Dwayne Ray to Taylor in which an angel came to her and said that her baby wouldn't live very long. This dream is one reason she is so protective of Dwayne Ray. In these chapters, the tone changes from contentment to bewilderment, for everything seems to be changing at once. Lou Ann receives gifts from Angel and an invitation to live with him in Montana. Terry, the doctor who takes care of the people in Mattie's sanctuary, has moved to a Navajo...
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