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measuring string the tape measure that schoolteacher uses to study black bodies

Measuring string the tape measure that schoolteacher uses to study black bodies

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measuring string  the tape measure that schoolteacher uses to study black bodies. According to the  pseudo-sciences of phrenology and physiognomy, which were popular in the mid-1800s, the shape  of the head and body revealed human character, intelligence, and capabilities. mint sprig  a piece of an aromatic plant whose leaves are used for flavoring and in medicine; a  natural breath freshener. molly apple  the wild fruit of a perennial woodland plant of the barberry family, with shield-shaped  leaves and a single, large, white, cuplike flower. moss rose  a fleshy annual plant of the purslane family, usually with yellow, pink, or purple flowers. mouth harp  a primitive monotonal metal musical instrument that is held by the lips and vibrated  against the teeth. myrtle  a plant with evergreen leaves, white or pinkish flowers, and dark, fragrant berries.
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Unformatted text preview: new stitches perhaps, decorative handwork or new clothes. night bucket the slop jar or portable night toilet. normal school a teacher's college. North Star Frederick Douglass's abolitionist newspaper, published in Rochester, New York from 1847 to 1863. Oberlin a coeducational liberal arts college in Oberlin, Ohio, which in 1835 became the first in the nation to integrate. Oklahoma the destination of 14,000 Cherokee, who in 1838, following the discovery of gold on their lands, were forced to resettle on reservations after a long march named the Trail of Tears. Over 4,000 Cherokee died along the way. pass her air to burp. paterollers patrollers or slave-catchers. people who die bad don't stay in the ground a belief that victims of murder or wrongful death wander the earth as ghosts....
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  • Oberlin, black bodies. According, natural breath freshener, fleshy annual plant, perennial woodland plant

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