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Unformatted text preview: Once again, Kingsolver shifts points of view to limited third person. She also shifts the setting to Lou Ann's house in Tucson, Arizona. Lou Ann now has a baby boy named Dwayne Ray. Her mother (Ivy Logan) and grandmother (Granny Logan), both from Kentucky, are visiting to help Lou Ann with the new baby. Lou Ann asked Angel to move back into the house during the women's visit because she doesn't want to admit to her relatives that her marriage is over. Because Angel "[knows] the power of mothers and grandmothers," he does what she asks and they pretend to be a united family. Lou Ann doesn't like lying to her mother and grandmother, but she just can't reveal the truth about her failed marriage. Unfortunately, she is more worried about what others think and feel about her than she is about what she wants for herself. Rather than face conflict, she glosses over the problem by asking about what she wants for herself....
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