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pickaninnies  black children. The term, derived from Spanish or Portuguese, evolved into a racial  slur meant to denigrate or dehumanize. pike  a highway. pitched ceiling  an angled ceiling with windows opening on the sky. pouch of tobacco . . . smoking paper  the materials needed for handrolling cigarettes. press  an upright closet in which clothes or other articles are kept. pride goeth before a fall  a common compression of Proverbs 16:18, "Pride goeth before  destruction, and an haughty spirit before a fall." prima donna  a temperamental, vain, or arrogant person. privy  a toilet; esp., an outhouse. published a newspaper  Sequoyah's  Cherokee Phoenix,  founded in 1828. Pulaski   County Kentucky  a county in south central Kentucky. raised bread  yeast bread. rendered fat  fat from cooked pork, skimmed off and hardened into lard.
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Unformatted text preview: Republicans political movement led by Abraham Lincoln from third-party status to frontrunner. rind a piece of pork skin, traditional southern style seasoning for green beans. the river that slid down from the Blue Ridge Mountains the Oconee River. rue any of a genus of strong-scented shrubs of the rue family, esp. an herb with yellow flowers and bitter-tasting leaves formerly used in medicine; symbolizes regret. salsify a purple-flowered plant of the composite family, with long, white, edible, fleshy roots having an oysterlike flavor. sassafras a small eastern North American tree of the laurel family, having an aromatic bark, leaves with usually two or three fingerlike lobes, and small, bluish fruits....
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