ring - shepherd of sins Grendel, perhaps in contrast to God...

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ring-giver  ruler, king, feudal lord. Ruler's favor  God's preference. Sometimes God and  wyrd  are virtually interchangeable in the poem,  possibly the result of Christian substitution. rune-counselor  an advisor especially adept at solving difficult problems. runes  letters of an alphabet used by ancient Germanic peoples, especially Scandinavians and  Anglo-Saxons; sometimes cryptic. scop  a bard or singing (chanting) performer who often accompanies himself on a lute or harp,  presenting historical or legendary stories of interest. He might be attached to a court or travel on his  own. Preferred pronunciation is "shop." Scylfing  Swede. sea-wind's cloak  the ship's mast. the shearer of life-threads  the magical giant sword.
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Unformatted text preview: shepherd of sins Grendel, perhaps in contrast to God as shepherd of souls. shield of the people here, a reference to King Hrothgar. son of Ecglaf Unferth. Sorrow Hill in Geatland, site of a battle where Swedes ambushed the Geats after Hrethel's death. Spear-Danes Scyldings, the tribe of Scyld Scefing. striplings adolescents, young warriors. swathe to wrap with bandages. swift roan Horses played an important role among the royalty, but most of the fighting was executed on foot. thanes warriors who serve a king or feudal lord in exchange for land or treasure. two seas apparently the Baltic and the Atlantic; possibly the Baltic and the North Sea....
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