Sethe displays unusual rebellion for an ex

Sethe displays unusual rebellion for an ex - Sethe displays...

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Unformatted text preview: Sethe displays unusual rebellion for an ex-slave as she takes stock of what her choices have brought her. Late to work for the first time in 16 years, she testily rebukes her boss Sawyer, risking the loss of a job with one of the few people willing to hire an ex-con. For the first time, she comprehends Baby Suggs's preoccupation with color and realizes that the freedom to contemplate "what the sun is doing to the day" is a benchmark in an ex-slave's life. Sethe remarks that she also understands why Baby Suggs didn't want "to get to red" — the color that covered Sethe's dying baby. As Sethe looks to the future, she hopes for a reunion with her "ma'am" and the rest of her family. The memories of her mother's peculiar smile convince Sethe that a steel bit forced her mother's mouth into a semblance of an upturn, like the forced welcome of "Saturday girls" working the...
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