Sethe is chipping ice with a pick

Sethe is chipping ice with a pick - Sethe is chipping ice...

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Unformatted text preview: Sethe is chipping ice with a pick, trying to cool Beloved's head, when Bodwin arrives. Hearing the women singing at the edge of the yard, Sethe and Beloved move to the porch to see what is happening. The sight of Bodwin triggers a flashback in Sethe's mind to the day schoolteacher and the other slave catchers came to reclaim her family. Racing toward the cart, Sethe fails to recognize the generous Mr. Bodwin, seeing only a white man with a whip in his hand. The ice pick becomes an extension of her hand and her will to protect Beloved. Throughout the novel, the characters have been emotionally crippled by their pasts. Sethe and Denver especially are disabled by their histories. The mental and spiritual wounds caused by slavery are still fresh and have not been allowed to heal. Sethe cannot overcome her outrage and sense of violation from her Sweet Home experiences, nor can she work through the guilt she feels about her...
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