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Spirit willing - food containers to their owners. taking a...

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Spirit willing; flesh weak  As described in Matthew 26: 40–41, Christ, in his agony in Gethsemane,  the night when he is betrayed, chastises Peter because the disciples have fallen asleep. strawberry shrug  a version of "shrub," a dessert made from fruit pulp, sweetening, and crushed ice. stud his boys  use male slaves as breeders. sugar teat  an early kind of pacifier; a small square of cloth filled with a mixture of brown sugar and  butter, tied off, and given to babies to suck on. sunshots  sunlight reflected by water. sweet thorny place was made up of paper scraps containing the handwritten names of others  the symbolic nest at Lady Jones's house where Denver enters the sisterhood of other black women,  who are providing ample food and bits of paper containing their identities so that Denver can return 
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Unformatted text preview: food containers to their owners. taking a bit of foreskin with him to Jesus biting the guard's penis during fellatio before being shot. talked through that chain like Sam Morse communicated through the chain by wordless jerks similar to Morse code. talking sheets members of the Ku Klux Klan, who hide their identity beneath white sheets. things older, but not stronger, than He Himself was that is, evil. to curse His daddy say "Goddamn." to let my water to urinate. trace a beaten path or trail left by the repeated passage of persons, vehicles, etc. underground agent the guide who waited in the cornfield to lead slaves to freedom. walking man an unsettled man, not the marrying kind....
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