Taylor - Taylor's resolve to leave Pittman County becomes a...

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Unformatted text preview: Taylor's resolve to leave Pittman County becomes a reality when she purchases a dilapidated 1955 Volkswagen. Ironically, the troubles she has with the car dramatically affect her life. Intending to travel beyond the borders of Kentucky, her car breaks down. Later, she gives herself a new name — Taylor — when her car almost runs out of gas in Taylorville, Illinois. When her car breaks down again, this time in Oklahoma, Taylor's feelings of despair and hopelessness as she views the flat terrain foreshadow the future. After Taylor's car is repaired, she readies herself to leave Oklahoma forever. Ironically, she ends up with a Cherokee child on the seat beside her — ironic because "If [Taylor] wanted a baby [she] would have stayed in Kentucky." Not knowing what to do with the silent child wrapped in a blanket, Taylor drives down the highway. The novel's tone becomes serious as Taylor, experiencing an internal drives down the highway....
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