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Unformatted text preview: Taylor's commitment to Turtle becomes a priority in her life. Returning home from a picnic in the desert, Taylor has to stop the car quickly because a mother quail and her babies are crossing the road. Kingsolver includes this episode to emphasize the responsibilities of motherhood and how Taylor is beginning to accept them. Taylor feels as proud as any parent when Turtle laughs and smiles for the first time after turning a somersault when the car stops quickly. And later, when Taylor and Turtle are in Mattie's garden planting seeds, Turtle says her first word, "bean." Taylor hugs Turtle and tells her — as her own mother told her — that she is "just about the smartest kid alive." Here, Taylor supports Turtle as her mother supported her while she was growing up in Kentucky. Her "smartest kid alive" comment suggests that she will succeed in raising Turtle to be a self-sufficient...
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