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Unformatted text preview: Taylor's extended family also includes her elderly neighbors, Edna Poppy and Virgie Mae Parsons. She and Lou Ann leave the children with Edna and Virgie Mae whenever they have an emergency or whenever neither one can be at home to care for the children. Gradually, Taylor and Lou Ann grow to depend on Edna and Virgie Mae to baby-sit. By introducing the two older women, Kingsolver again emphasizes the community of women needed to raise children. Note the irony in the differences between the two elderly women: Edna is a kind woman who always dresses in red from head to foot. Her sweet nature makes up for Virgie Mae, who is a prejudiced, narrow-minded person. However, together the women survive by serving as balancing forces for each other. Taylor also meets Esperanza and Estevan, a young married couple from Guatemala City, who are living with Mattie. Estevan taught English in Guatemala and is now washing dishes in a Chinese living with Mattie....
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