the symbolic healing caress

the symbolic healing caress - • the symbolic healing...

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Unformatted text preview: • the symbolic healing caress, a convention that recalls the tradition of medieval kings who placed a ritual touch on the sick. The touch of blessing permeates the story — from Amy's gentle massage and makeshift bandage for Sethe's feet to Baby Suggs's compassionate, methodical washing of Sethe's body, quadrant by quadrant; from Paul D's blessing of Sethe's hideous tree-like scar to his loving return to Sethe's bedside to anoint her feet and accept her for the powerful woman she once was and still can be. The motif grows more focused on womanhood through the use of myriad breast images, which connect suckling with the maternal will to raise healthy, whole, and safe babies, whatever the cost. By extension, Baby Suggs offers a spiritual caress to the worshippers who surround her miniature Sermon on the Mount in the clearing. Her message restores their surround her miniature Sermon on the Mount in the clearing....
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