watery field terrain flooded for the cultivation of rice

watery field terrain flooded for the cultivation of rice -...

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watery field  terrain flooded for the cultivation of rice. way   station  a safe house where wandering blacks could inquire about relatives and expect  hospitality. white satin coat  a residue of cooked milk. Wilberforce  a black college in Wilberforce, Ohio, named for William Wilberforce (1759–1833), a  noted abolitionist who moved the English government to end the slave trade in the British Caribbean. wild veronica  any of a genus of plants of the figwort family, with white or bluish flower spikes. wire from the top of the jar and then the lid  a forerunner of the metal-lidded canning jar. The  container was sealed when the wire bail was pulled into place at the top of the glass lid.
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Unformatted text preview: wrote their language In 1820, Sequoyah invented a phonetic alphabet which enabled Cherokees to become literate after only a few days' study. Very quickly, they established a mail system with distant Cherokees. you in deep water You've gone too far. you sure 'nough knew her In the biblical sense, Paul D had sexual knowledge of Beloved, who apparently was pregnant with his child. you way off the track with that wagon a common adage meaning "you're overstepping the bounds of courtesy." your eyes here, stove burners....
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