Within four years

Within four years - Within four years Morrison followed up...

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Unformatted text preview: Within four years, Morrison followed up on the promise of earlier works with Tar Baby. In a provocative departure from her earlier all-black casts, Tar Baby introduced the ambivalent Jadine, a world-weary traveler who searches for self-actualization among West Indian servant-caste relatives through a brief fling with a mysterious black man. Critics were divided as to the direction that Morrison seemed to be moving as she departed from less familiar themes, characters, and settings. Nonetheless, Morrison became the first black woman championed in a cover story for Newsweek, which heralded her as the top black writer in the United States. Her response was a teasing one- liner: "Are you really going to put a middle-aged, gray-haired, colored lady on the cover of this magazine?" In January 1986, the New York State Writers Institute commissioned Morrison to write...
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