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CorrectionsToSolsOfRec10Probs - for all u Correction 2 On...

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Solutions to the Recitation No. 10 Problems Corrections. Please make Humberto aware of any aparent errors in the solutions so that they can be added to this list. Correction 1. On half-page 3 (per the numbering of the half-pages shown at the top of each half-page), the second dotted box should say 'sqrt(u^2) is not equal to u for some u; For example u = -1. What is correct is that sqrt(u^2) = |u|
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Unformatted text preview: for all u.' Correction 2. On half-page 24, the sentence after eq. 3 should begin 'On the one hand, f''(d) > 0 . ..' Correction 3. Throughout the solution of problem 10, the function in question was referred to mostly as f(u) instead of l(u). All occurrences of f(u) should be changed to l(u)....
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