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CS 110 Fall 2011 Privacy and Security Study Guide Refer to, (Tech tab), and the articles and videos listed on the Networks and Internet Resource document to answer the questions and define the terms listed below. Terms privacy cookie virus worm trojan horse botnet/zombies phishing pharming spyware SPAM HTTPS SFTP encryption public key encryption Cryptography (BTB) cipher Caesar's Cipher Digital Signature firewall Questions 1. What are the eight privacy principles developed by the Organization for Economic Cooperation
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Unformatted text preview: and Development? (Fair Information Practices) 2. What is the difference between a virus and a worm? 3. What is the difference between phishing and farming? 4. Can I delete cookies from my computer? 5. What is one disadvantage in blocking all cookies from all sites? 6. What is meant by "Identity theft?" 7. Explain how Public Key Encryption works? 8. What is a digital Signature? 9. What is PGP? When and by whom was it developed? (BTB)...
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