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Cloud Computing Study Guide

Cloud Computing Study Guide - CS110 Fall 2011 Cloud...

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Unformatted text preview: CS110 Fall 2011 Cloud Computing Study Guide Refer to Webopedia.com, Howstuffworks.com (Tech tab), and the articles and videos listed on the Cloud Computing Resources document to answer the questions and define the terms listed below. Terms Cloud computing: Private Cloud: Public Cloud: Hybrid Cloud: SaaS: IaaS: PaaS: Scalability: API Google Apps: Scarlet Apps: Questions 1. Give two advantages of Cloud computing for a. the computing infrastructure of organizations such as Rutgers University b. for everyday users 2. Name at least two cloud computing applications that you regularly use. 3. Give three concerns about cloud computing. 4. What software do you need on your computer to use Google Apps? 5. What are Cloudo, iCube, and eyeOS? 6. Vivek Kundra worked to decrease the federal government's budget for information technology by promoting the adoption of 'cloud computing.' Name one department that accepted this recommendation and one department that has major reservations. (NYTimes article: Federal Push for Cloud Technology Faces Skepticism) 7. Give at least three reasons the government is slow to adopt cloud computing technology. ...
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