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CS 110 Study Guide for Hourly Exam 1 The first hourly exam will cover material taught from the beginning of the semester up to and including IPOs and flowcharts: This includes the broad topics: Cloud computing Computer Hardware/Software Information Processing (binary numbers, how data is handled in the computer and over the Internet) Networks The Internet and the WWW Algorithms-IPOs-Flowcharts Blown to Bits (Questions limited to those asked in the study guides) The exam will include the following types of questions: Multiple Choice Matching Definitions (limited to those listed in the study guide) Free Response (Short Essay) IPOs Flowcharts The best way to prepare for the exam is to review the individual study guides for each of the topics.
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Unformatted text preview: Review both the definitions and the questions in the study guides. If you have been going to class and keeping up with the study guides, you will have no problem with the exam. For the IPO and Flowchart problems: If given a problem, be able to distinguish between input, output, and processing. Be able to display the algorithm to solve a problem by constructing a flowchart involving decisions and loops. Be able to trace through a flowchart. If you have done the IPO-Flowchart assignments and you understand the correct solutions to the assignments, you will do fine on this part of the exam. If you did not do well on these assignments, you should visit the TAs during lab support hours to review your errors....
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