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Assignment 5 Winterson _ Orr - focus on is building a...

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100 Basic Composition Section 65 Assignment 5- Wednesday Nov 16 th Prof. Baldino Readings: “The World and Other Places” by Jeanette Winterson pp 283-290 and “Return to Hayneville” by Gregory Orr pp 217-231 in Points of Departure Rough Draft Due: Monday, November21st Final Draft Due: Monday, November 28th Assignment: ‘Stop thinking,’ she said. ‘The more you think, the faster you cut your own throat. What is there to think about? It always ends the same way. In your mind there is a bolted door. You have to work hard not to go near that door. Parties lovers, career, charity, babies, who cares what it is, so long as you avoid the door.” (Winterson 289). Taken together, what do Orr and Winterson demonstrate to us about the process about self discovery? What aspects of the process seem to be universal to you? In what ways will the process be different for each person? What I’m Looking For: As with the previous assignment, the most valuable goal you can
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Unformatted text preview: focus on is building a connection between Orr and Winterson. Your essay should also refer concretely to both authors, and demonstrate strong understanding of their arguments, particularly about the subject in the assignment question. Requirements: Your essays should use at least four quotes of between 1-3 lines. Quotes should be discussed and explained wherever they are used. The quotes should each include an in-text citation, MLA style. For an in-text citation, place parentheses after the quote ( ) with the author’s name, followed by the page number where you found the quote inside the parentheses. Your essay must be written in 12 point, Times New Roman font, double spaced, with 1” margins. The rough draft should be 4 full pages, and the final draft should be 5 full pages. That means you should try to come as closely to possible to the half page mark on each draft....
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