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Assignment 4 Orr _ Gladwell

Assignment 4 Orr _ Gladwell - 100 Basic Composition Section...

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100 Basic Composition Section 65 Assignment 4- Monday, Oct 31 st Prof. Baldino Readings: “Small Change: Why the Revolution Will Not Be Tweeted” by Malcolm Gladwell pp 133-144 and “Return to Hayneville” by Gregory Orr pp 217-231 in Points of Departure Rough Draft Due: Wednesday, November2nd Final Draft Due: Wednesday, November 9th Assignment: “I gradually lost heart. I had dreamed of meaningful work and even heroic martyrdom, but here I was merely cannon fodder. I held a place; I counted—but only as an integer in the calculus of a complex political game playing out in rooms far above me. And close up, as close as the arc of a swung billy club, I had discovered that for very martyr whose life was resolved into a meaningful death, there were hundreds of others who were merely beaten, terrorized and humiliated. Even as I sank into depression and brooded in the stifling heat of that ail-barn, I was learning that I wanted to live.” (223)
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