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100R Basic Composition Section 67 Assignment 1- Thursday, Sep 8th Prof. Baldino Reading: “Alone Together”, Sherry Turkle , pgs. 263-278 in Points of Departure Rough Draft Due: Monday, September 12th Final Draft Due: Monday, September 19th Assignment: “In his eyes…The machine could be preferable—for any number of reasons—to what we currently experience in the sometimes messy, often frustrating, and always complex world of people.” (Turkle 269). In her essay, Turkle points out some jarring changes in cultural attitudes that she sees as instigated by our relationships with computers and communications devices. This includes a change in attitude towards “authenticity” and intimacy. Keeping that in mind, focus on answering the following assignment Question in your essay: Why do you think this essay is entitled “Alone Together”? Based on close scrutiny of Turkle’s writing, how would you describe this new state of affairs in which people are becoming both “alone” and “together” simultaneously? What I’m Looking For:
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