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d l f(1) f(2) 5.00000E+01 2.00000E+02 3.06305E+00 4.19903E-02 f(1) f(2) 5.00000E+01 2.00000E+02 3.06305E+00 4.19903E-02 Mean 1.3710 0.6264 1.89551E+01 2.00541E+02 4.41409E-01 2.04947E+00 Standard Deviation 0.8699 0.6327 2.51450E+01 2.00886E+02 7.78106E-01 6.65240E-01 2.67064E+01 2.00955E+02 8.78039E-01 5.23325E-01 4.13243E+01 2.00024E+02 2.09256E+00 9.00243E-02 4.41453E+01 2.00017E+02 2.38792E+00 6.91195E-02 2.89048E+01 2.00934E+02 1.02844E+00 3.81256E-01 4.65092E+01 2.00023E+02 2.65059E+00 5.61081E-02 2.09579E+01 2.00506E+02 5.39522E-01 1.37066E+00 4.46091E+01 2.00000E+02 2.43815E+00 6.62728E-02 3.74235E+01 2.00272E+02 1.71829E+00 1.34345E-01 4.81837E+01 2.00002E+02 2.84459E+00 4.86905E-02 3.44163E+01 2.00990E+02 1.45843E+00 1.89847E-01 2.06888E+01 2.00506E+02 5.25755E-01 1.44338E+00 4.71223E+01 2.00006E+02 2.72070E+00 5.32310E-02 2.75672E+01 2.00984E+02 9.35687E-01 4.61157E-01 2.14329E+01 2.00451E+02 5.64100E-01 1.25209E+00 2.45493E+01 2.00878E+02 7.41641E-01 7.32118E-01 3.29254E+01 2.00865E+02
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