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SamplePrelim Fall07 - CEE 509/CS 572/ORIE 533 Prelim(Text...

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CEE 509/CS 572/ORIE 533 Prelim (Text Revised after test given) October 30, 2007 Put your answers in your test book, show work and explain your reasoning. You enhance your chances of getting full or partial credit by writing legibly, putting boxes around your final answers and providing explanations where necessary so the people grading the exam understand what you have done. 1. (25 points) You are applying Tabu Search to a permutation problem. Your decision is the permutation of 5 numbers. Assume that your initial starting point is 12345 and tabu search choices are as follows: Iteration number Decision Selected 1 12345 2 15342 3 13542 4 14532 5 24531 6 ???? Assume you want to minimize cost. Assume the neighborhood is defined as all permutations arising from a swap in location of two numbers. Assume the tabu is also defined by which two numbers were swapped. (i.e. if you swap 1 and 5, then all swaps involving both of those number are tabu during the tenure). The location of the two numbers is not considered in the tabu. Assume you are using the best aspiration criteria. a. If you consider swaps of any two numbers as the neighborhood, how many members of the neighborhood are there? b. Assume the best solution found so far is 28 . Below is listed the cost values of the best neighbors as well as the solution in the 5 th iteration. Permutation Cost 24531 40 (solution in 5 th iteration) (best eight neighbors below) 34521 34 21534 39 25431 38 23541 29 24513 32 54231 31 24351 30
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Continuation of problem 1: Given the costs for part b.), what is the value of the permutation in the 6
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SamplePrelim Fall07 - CEE 509/CS 572/ORIE 533 Prelim(Text...

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