steelT0 - maximize Total_Profit sum{p in PROD t in 1.T...

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set PROD; # products param T > 0; # number of weeks p param rate {PROD} > 0; # tons per hour produced param avail {1. .T} >= 0; # hours available in week param profit {PROD,1. .T}; # profit per ton param market {PROD,1. .T} >= 0; # limit on tons sold in week p var Make {p in PROD, t in 1. .T} >= 0, <= market[p,t]; # tons produced
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Unformatted text preview: maximize Total_Profit: sum {p in PROD, t in 1. .T} profit[p,t] * Make[p,t]; # total profits from all products in all weeks # subject to Time {t in 1. .T}: sum {p in PROD} (1/rate[p]) * Make[p,t] <= avail[t]; # total of hours used by all products # may not exceed hours available, in each week...
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