Ocean Carriers Case Questions_Fall-2011

Ocean Carriers Case Questions_Fall-2011 - Cornell...

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Cornell University School of Hotel Administration Professor Andrey D. Ukhov Finance Advanced Corporate Finance Fall 2011 Case I - Ocean Carriers Due: Wednesday, November 7, 2011 Hand in one solution per group with each group member's name clearly marked. Case solutions should be the independent work of your group and you may discuss the case only with members of your group. Each group should submit a three-page maximum memorandum of analysis and recommendations covering the case study questions plus any accompanying tables you wish to include. Tables should be well organized and labeled. Be sure to indicate how you arrived at your conclusions. Write these as if you were writing a recommendation for the CEO or major decision maker in the case. Be sure to address in each paragraph of the memorandum the questions you are being asked in the case-study questions. The cases are your opportunity to apply the concepts you have learned thus far to messy, real world problems. Understanding the ideas is important. Being able to explain them to your boss and co-workers is equally important. Thus your case write-ups will be graded both on your answers as well as how well you defend your proposed solution. I will not accept case solutions in electronic format. Keep a copy of your answers as you will be expected to contribute to the class discussion based on your written answers. The questions below are for the Ocean Carriers case. You can find the data for this case on the course
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This note was uploaded on 11/29/2011 for the course HADM 4630 taught by Professor Ukhov during the Fall '11 term at Cornell University (Engineering School).

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Ocean Carriers Case Questions_Fall-2011 - Cornell...

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