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HW7_Functional_Requirements_Template - Use Cases Guest...

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Use Cases Priority Guest boards vehicles H Guest is restrained by vehicle H Guest disembarks vehicle H Guest is transported by vehicle through ride H Operator helps Guest in vehicle L Secondary Use Cases Priority Guest interacts with vehicle's LED screen L Guest tampers with vehicle restraints H Vehicle travels outside in bad weather M
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Guest rides through an attraction. Initial Conditions 1. System is in the ready state. 2. Operator (Ride Operator) System (Attraction) Vehicle (Guest) Guests load vehicles. Guests unload vehicles. Ending conditions 1. System returns to ready state 2. Notes 1. 2. Ride operator pushes button to open vehicle entrance gates System shall open barriers between vehicle and queue. Ride operator checks vehicle restraints are secured. Guests check vehicle restraints are secured. Ride operator pushes button to close exit and entrance gates. Ride operator pushes button to dispatch System shall close barriers between vehicle and queue LCD screen in vehicle begins playing video.
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