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Study Topics for SYSEN 5100 Fall 2011 This list of topics is meant to identify the major areas of interest for Prelim 1 as a guide to preparing for the test. The ordering does not imply priority, nor does it necessarily match that of the lectures. A single topic may have been addressed in many lectures. Students remain responsible for all of the lectures’ content, including the case studies, the in-class discussions and exercises, and the readings. Systems Theory Diagrams of systems (symbols, standards) Entity-relationship diagram Functional flow block diagram System boundaries, interfaces, environment, and stakeholders Systems Engineering Designed systems Definition of Systems Engineering Importance of Systems Engineering Contributions to the overall engineering
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Unformatted text preview: effort Quantitative value of systems engineering SE Process (OKK Diagram) SE Management Process (Overview) Planning Change control Documentation & review SE Technical Processes Capability Maturity Model Organizational structures Vee Model Mission, Market, & Context Mission Statement Originating Documents Use Case Diagram Context Diagram Teams & Leadership Stages of team formation Management vs. leadership Communication Feedback Affinity Process Requirements Allocation Traceability Validity The Gap Requirements Engineering Process Writing valid requirements Technical Performance Measures QFD Process Voice of the customer Text to TPM House of Quality Why Systems Fail (J. Bohner’s examples and other case studies from lectures)...
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