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Testing a Theory - naturalistic observation as I stated...

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Testing a Theory My theory is that a person that works hard will always beat talent when talent fails to work hard. This is something I live by which carries to work, school, home and when I am coaching. I used naturalistic observational research to back up my theory. Through the span of four years I have been coaching football for the same team where we did not win a game. The team itself did not win a game in 57 tries. I preached to the kids that if you work hard and put in the extra time we will be successful because there is going to be a talented team out there that takes us lightly and does not put in the extra work like us. Needless to say we won our very last game in great fashion and stunned the team. With all the extra work and belief in what the purpose behind the theory our kids prevailed and it was a great feeling and lessons learned. The method of research as I used was
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Unformatted text preview: naturalistic observation as I stated before. We as a coaching staff tested the kids and push them everyday but at the end of the day they needed to buy into the program and belief. So we pretty much let the course of this learning path develop within them. As for as doing anything different I would not change anything about this at all. I feel the lessons learned from this theory will live on in their lives for a long time. I feel this theory and through all the hardships of taking the easy way out, through this experience has opened their eyes. The belief in “Hard work beats talent when talent fails to work hard” is something they will carry and teach in life. Meaning in everything that they do or come across they will put in the work to be successful....
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