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To Drill, Or not to Drill I am a firm believer in our country and I support what our President Barack Obama wants to do. I feel in this situation the President is trying to make our world a little better rather than continue to destroy or earth. I do agree with taking the adventure into finding another way in using solar power and clean coal. It may be expense but I feel it is worth a try to improve our environment. What about the future of our nation and world? I feel as long as we are trying to improve or environment who cares the cost. I am for not drilling off our coast unless it is a last ditch effort and we really need too. I feel the thing that hinders my way of looking at the opposing side is that a lot of them just dose not want to agree with the president. Most of the people that are opposing the idea of not drilling are people who did not want Obama in office and now it is just a way for them to make a good man look bad. Do I agree with every decision the President makes no. But I will support my leader and see where things are going to go. I feel it is
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