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To Whom it May Concern - There is a lot of ways we as a...

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To Whom it May Concern: This is a letter informing the community about the recent illnesses plaguing our city and making our families sick. The sudden illnesses have brought a lot of questions as to why people are coming down with the problems. I have determined that this problem could not just be genetics and had something more helping. I have conducted some research to solve the problem and inform the public one what has been causing the illnesses and also identify approaches the community could take together to arrive at possible solutions for the problem and settle the matter with the gas company. Living in our close knit community we hardly ever question anything to be going on and that everything bad that happens is a mistake that no one intends on purpose. However, after conducting research about these cause of illness have gotten my eyes open and needed to share the information with our community. I have found that the source of the illness could be from the gas company.
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Unformatted text preview: There is a lot of ways we as a community can fix this problem. I feel the first and most important is to hold our gas company accountable. By pointing out the mistakes they have made in their practices and making them admit to the wrong doing. After they have admitted the problem the process should be a lot easier for all of us to help out in the effort so this does not happen again. However, that would be too easy and we know the company will deny that they made any mistake. So we need to put the pressure on the company by talking the problem to our community leaders and have them figure it out. In a perfect world we all would be able to sit around a table and come up with different ideas to make this problem go away and never happen again. But the reality is that we all do not have the expertise in this field. But if we can have all the powers to be in this meeting to make a difference I believe that this could make a big difference in our community....
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