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The result of my IAT was that I am slightly automatic for African Americans compared to European Americans. I personally feel this test was not accurate in the calculations for the simple fact that I felt my train of thought when pressing the “I” or the “E” got use to a certain answer and then they switched. I feel that is when I made most of my mistakes but recognizing the faces and words was easy. I think to be able to measure someone’s prejudice not accurate at all. First off, how would one be able to measure this, when a person can be prejudice about so many things. Second there is no way that you can accurately put into content the things that would
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Unformatted text preview: make a person prejudice. This test I took, how can this tell me I am prejudice? Is it because I can recognize a type of face that I am use to seeing better than one I hardly see. I dont believe there is any accurate ways to measure however I do feel these test like this can be helpful in other ways like knowing your surroundings and environment. Sociologist uses all kinds of measurements to calculate prejudice. Things like background information meaning where the people come from, area they live, religious beliefs and so on and so on....
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