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 The article - learned that doing what...

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The article I have decided to summarize is “The development of moral motivation from childhood to early adulthood.” This article is basically explaining tells the readers about the different stages of moral development that really makes it easy to understand and follow. It defines this as the “willingness to do what is right even if that entails personal cost.” For me this alone has made me what to find out more and more about this subject because it opens my eyes as to what I feel a good person is. This is a very hard and selfless skill to have in order to the right things. I feel this development of a person over the span of years will not come all at once but in stages like I have been reading about. Looking back on my life I found it harder to do what was right because doing what is right could effect me in a negative way. But over the years I have
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Unformatted text preview: learned that doing what is right Is a pretty painless thing as long as you stay true to yourself. This reading has really showed me that I have been doing all my life and now I understand where it all is coming from.The article really shows the different variations and talks about how this subject will continue to be studied and debated. From all the information that I have received from this article I would for sure use this as a source for a research paper. The reason being is that I feel it gives relevant information and is accurate. I feel that this has been carefully studied and well put together. However, I would need to find other source of information to back up the information to see more than just one side of things....
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