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Capstone CheckPoint In this class I feel I have been challenged to learn things I never really knew about the different ethnicities. I also feel that is was a refresher course that just opened my mind again to things I knew but never thought about anymore. I feel the information that I read about for most groups was very helpful in figuring out the values and beliefs of the different cultures. The information that stands out the most for me is when it comes to education and the stats that I found for each group was very eye opening. Because with so many differences within the groups, education seems to be the one thing they all have in common. When it comes to my culture I really felt it was just a refresher and I never really learned anything new to be honest. But I think there was something better than learning something new and that was opening my eyes and making me think about what my culture has went through and where it is now in the world. The refresher information
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Unformatted text preview: made me want to do better to improve my culture and the stats quo. By 2050 in my eyes, it will be hard to come across a full blood race in the United States. I feel with everyone being so open and accepting of the other races that we will all be mixed in race. Maybe not all but a lot will. I do believe the different cultures will still be going strong and the history behind them will be great but the culture in the United States will be American culture. Our country is already in my eyes prepared for change. Just look at the President, few years back, who would have thought we would have a black President. 50 years back it was unheard of and people say it could not be done. Now we accepted that it just goes to show how far we have come as a nation over the years. For the most part we as a nation just need to keep being open and understanding of each other and we will be just fine....
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