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Global Warming - Global Warming For years we hear people...

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Global Warming For years we hear people suggesting for us to go green. I never understood what go green meant and had a lot of question about this. Why go green? What are the benefits of going green? What does this have to do with global warming? How can we make a difference? Well after reading up on global warming and going green I received a bigger picture and understanding. Going Green is about saving energy by not using the dirty fossil fuels of the past and going paperless. I personally did not care about the environment when I was younger because no one around me really cared. I lived in the inter city and we all know it is not the best-looking place in the world. However, I was always taught to leave a place better than you found it. Meaning if you see trash on the ground, pick it up even if it’s not yours. After moving to Hawaii I had a better understanding of taking care of your surroundings. For me I
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