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For my final paper the topic I have chosen will be “Credit scores are not a fair measure to help lenders estimate potential risk”. I feel by me writing about this topic I can persuade the readers to feel the same way I do about this topic. Or at least let them see and understand my point of view when it comes to this topic. I will also let the reader know how strongly I feel about this topic and the effects this has had on my life and the effects it could have on theirs as well so that everyone can at least relate to my topic. I feel that all the information I will resource will help with the reader to also relate to my writing. I am sure everyone has someone in their life that this has effected one way or another. I feel making this topic personal will help me win over some of the readers that are on the fence. This topic I feel will hit a nerve in the reader and if not have them feel the same way, it will at least have them thinking of the negative side of judging people by a number.
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Unformatted text preview: My plan to accomplish this goal of having people relate and understanding my topic will be a simple thought out plan. The guideline has already been set by my teacher and all I have to do is follow the guide lines, stay task, gather more information and put it all to work. Meaning following the steps of making a thesis sentence, then an outline, next is a draft, followed by receiving feedback and finally writing my paper. Over the next couple of weeks I will be working on this paper so that I can have the best out come possible. With all the information gather and correct facts, grammar and proper placement of sentences and words I feel the reader will be able to read my paper without getting side track. With all the things that we have been refreshed with in our past class and the steps to writing a good paper we have learned in this class, I feel that all of this knowledge will only help us write a good paper if we follow what we have learned....
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