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week 3 CP 1 - The one thing the United States is respected...

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After reading about the immigration rules and regulations, fees as well as benefits I have determine it is a very difficult process for any one to be a immigrate. I do not feel the United States government policy favor or should ever a certain kind of immigrant. This is why people want to come to the United States, because every man is suppose to be equal. We all know that this it’s true that they do give preference for talented and rich people; I feel they have a slight advantage compared to an oppressed and needy person. Is this fair and equal for all whom wants to come to the US no but it is reality.
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Unformatted text preview: The one thing the United States is respected for I feel is the opportunity to be the best one can be and to be looked at as equal. I feel if the United States showed priority for certain countries to be allowed in the US over another this is showing the other countries that their people is not as good as the other people. In this exercise you forced me to think as if I was a Mexican trying to be accepted in the United States and the questions that was asked made me realize how hard it really is for them to get here and I understand more than ever way they come illegally....
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