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Week 5 Check Point The viewpoint I have chosen is the connection of moral character and habit is that moral character is what develops habits. Keith and myself both agree that it is not a general look on what is morally good character or bad character but rather that it depends on the views of individuals themselves and there perspectives. Keith brought a great point about cultures and how things are different and view differently depending on your beliefs and society. Culture and beliefs in our eyes plays a big roll in developing moral character. For what is acceptable in your beliefs or culture is how a person is going to develop habits. Some people just
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Unformatted text preview: have habits based on what they want to do. But we both believe it is the individuals thoughts on what good and bad habits are. As far as everyone else I didnt find anyone I really disagreed with because it all was pretty much the same views has I had just put in a different way. I know that if someone was to disagree with me they could argue that bad habits can be judge by what society believes in. Or bad habits can develop into bad moral characters. And In that I would have to agree that bad habits can drag down a persons morals and beliefs. But if you have strong morals and beliefs negative things would not affect them....
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