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Lacey Mowery November 29, 2011 4048879 Review questions 1. True or false? Team meetings support group interaction and clarification and some ability for the sender of information to check for understanding by the recipients. - True 2. What are three methods of communication in a project? - Team meetings, memos/e-mails, and presentations. 3. Identify the communication medium that provides detailed documents, typically with supporting data to provide sufficient information for review and assessment. - B) Reports 4. What's the recommended frequency for team meetings? - C) Weekly 5. What are the four main components of a seller contract? - Requirements, delivery dates, performance reporting
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Unformatted text preview: requirements, acceptance criteria 6. You should create high-level reports for what audience on a monthly basis? -The senior management. 7. What are the three major components of risk management? -Identification, quantification, and response 8. How will you monitor the quality of an ongoing project? -Periodic inspections, verification testing, peer reviews and customer surveys, focus groups, and quality review meetings. 9. List the factors involved in quality management. -Planning, communication and response, and monitoring 10. What are types of costs of quality management? -Prevention, appraisal, and failure costs...
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