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chapters 5-8 - minor

chapters 5-8 - minor - Chapter 5 cell structure and...

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Chapter 5 cell structure and function Cell theory o All living things are composed of one or more cells o The cell is the smallest unit with properties of life o Cell come from preexisting cells Basic features of all cells o Plasma membrane (PM) o Dna - heredity o Cytoplasm o Metabolism o Cells are small Prokaryotic cells o Small, 1-5 picometers o No membrane-bound organelles o No nucleus o DNA in circular loop o Bacteria and Archaea Eukaryotic cells o Larger, 8-100 micrometers o Membrane-bound organelles o Nucleus o DNA in linear chromosomes o Single-celled protists o Multi-celled animals, planets, and fungi Nucleus o Chromatin threads o Nucleolus o Nuclear envelope o Pores Ribosomes o Protein synthesis o Made of RNA and protein o Free or attached to rough ER Endomembrane syster o Endoplasmic reticulum (ER); Golgi complex, vesicles o Series of membranes with cells o Rough ER – proteins o Smooth ER – lipids Golgi o Processes proteins and lipids from ER o Packages and ships to final destination Vacuoles o 3 types
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o 1. Food temporary, formed from phagocytosis o 2. Contractile – remove extra water o 3. Central – in plants, water regulation Mitochondria o Produce ATP The chloroplast o Photosynthesis Plastids o In plants o Chloroplasts: photosynthesis o Chromoplasts: pigments o Amyloplasts: starch The Cytoskeleton o Microfilaments – smallest o Many different proteins o Microtubule o Actin subunits o Tubulin subunits Cilia and flagella o Extensions of PM Move cells or fluid Cilia: short and many Flagella: longer and few Filled with microtubules (9+2) arrangement: 9 pairs in periphery; 2 singlets in center
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chapters 5-8 - minor - Chapter 5 cell structure and...

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