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Name Biology 1202 Fall 2009, Exam 4 Instructions: Use a no. 2 pencil to write your name and LSU ID#, and bubble them in, on the provided scantron. Select the best answer for each of the 40 questions. 1. Which one of these animals has a closed circulatory system a. A crayfish . b. A snail c. An earthworm d. Aflatworm 2. Which one of these animals has a heart where oxygen rich and poor blood mix in the ventricle a. Fish b. Amphibian \. Bird d. Mammal 3. Blood in cavity A a. Is flowing to the lungs b. Is deoxygenated c. Came from the anterior vena cava \s flowing to the aorta and ' systemic circulation 4. Assume the stroke volume is 70 ml and the heart rate is 72 bpm. The cardiac output is a. 2.5 L/min r, n x -j ^ b. 0.25 L/min 7 A X 1 2 c. 0.5 L/min 5 L/min \l 5. Which statement about heart rate is correct a. Cardiac muscle is myogenic l ""b. The chief pacemaker of the heart is the SA node •^c. The sympathetic nervous system increases heart rate . The parasympathetic nervous system decreases heart rate ) All of the above statements are correct. /C .'Me IS : .- ,:.::.
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4 6. A nurse first hears sounds from a sphygmomanometer at 130 mm Hg, which cease at 90 mm Hg. The diastolic pressure is a. 130+ 90 or 220 mm Hg b. 130-90 or40 mm Hg i? n A(0( c. 130mmHg fdi 90 mm Hg 7. Fluids flow out of a capillary when f Systolic pressure > osmotic pressure 5UG 7 ^ Osmotic pressure > systolic pressure c. Osmotic pressure = systolic pressure d. Systolic pressure < diastolic pressure 8. You examine a person and find that the hematocrit is 55 % and there is an excess of leukocytes in the blood. You conclude a. The person is anemic ^ 4^ /• j b. The blood is out of osmotic balance i The person is probably suffering from an infection that has activated the immune system SiDM5 Ml d. The person is in danger of a myocardial infarction (heart attack) «~9. Which would not stop blood loss after a wound? a. Arteriole vasoconstriction J' b. Applying pressure to the wound v/ c. The inflammatory response d. A mutation that alters the structure of thrombin or pro-thombrin / 10. A myocardial infarction occurs when blood flow is blocked to a. The posterior vena cava b. The
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exam4-f09 - Name Biology 1202 Fall 2009 Exam 4 Instructions...

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