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Unformatted text preview: CMPSCI 383, Fall 2011 Homework 2 Due in class or in the main office of the Computer Science building by 4:00 PM, October 13, 2011 Problem 1: Exercise 4.1 on page 157 Problem 2: Exercise 4.10 on page 159 Problem 3: Exercise 4.12 on page 160 Problem 4: Exercise 5.6 on page 197 Problem 5: Exercise 5.7 on page 197 Problem 7: Exercise 5.16 on page 200 Problem 8: Exercise 5.21 on page 200 Programming Assignment: We have implemented MiniMax for the game of Othello, and will provide you with source code to make two MiniMax players play against each other. The source code can be found on the course website. Modify StudentPlayer.java so that it uses AlphaBeta pruning. Next modify the evaluation function public int heuristic(int board) to one that you expect to perform better. Your modified evaluation function must at least: • Right now, owning a square of the board gives a player +1 in the evaluation function, however some squares are better than others. Change the evaluation function to reflect this. • Be time-dependent. That is, the number of moves made so far should some how influence the heuristic. You may use the total number of pieces played as a measure of time. Submit the following: • A print out of your StudentPlayer.java, and any other classes you created. Your code should be well commented. • A comparison of the runtime of MiniMax and AlphaBeta for 3 different depths (what depths work will be computer-dependent). • Describe your new evaluation function. • Run ten games of your agent with the new heuristic against the MiniMax player with the original heuristic, both with the same depth, and report the total number of games won by each agent. 1 ...
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