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Assignment3-cs325 - had identified as troublesome about the...

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CS325 Fall 2011 Project 3: Redesign a Complicated Form We ve all suffered through some needlessly complicated forms. Let s turn that frustration into something constructive. Your Job You will be selecting a complicated form and then redesigning it to be less cumbersome and time consuming to complete. 1. Select an overcomplicated form , such as a W2, Loan Application, etc. Email us a copy of the form for approval to move forward. 2. Establish what is wrong with the form . Write a list of the problems (or areas for improvement) and then provide reasoning for each one. Note: You ll want to cover topics such as redundancy, irrelevant fields, instructions, etc). 3. Each group member should do a rough draft of the form based on what the group
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Unformatted text preview: had identified as troublesome about the current form. (Note: This is done independently.) 4. Discuss the thought process behind each draft with group members, and then create a final draft form together . 5. Write about the changes that were made , providing reasoning for each one. Be sure to include justification for removing/adding/or rewording. Is this form actually better or is it just different? Grading (out of 10 points) Submit by email by midnight of October 13th (Bring what you have in hard copy to class) Discussion regarding frustrations and problems with current form (4 points) Group Member Drafts (1 point) Final Form Design (2 points) Reasoning behind improvements made (3 points)...
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