Assignment4-general-cs325 - We will also discuss the...

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Cs325 - Fall 2011 Project 4: Make It Better This project, its descriptions and parts are used with permission from Scott Klemmer and Terry Winograd at Stanford. Goal Use the methods discussed in class to design and test a working prototype of an interactive system that solves a problem that is significant to some group of users. This is a time- consuming project, so please be aware of the deadlines. The project starts early in the quarter to give you as much time as you can to produce a great project, so good luck!   Teams Project teams will be formed by the instructors, who will assign you to a team of 3 or 4 students. We will attempt to balance the groups by programming, art, and design abilities. Feedback Feedback on your projects will be given to you during studio time and through the milestones.
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Unformatted text preview: We will also discuss the projects in class periodically to get feedback from instructors and your classmates. Submissions Standard midnight submission dates will apply, but you are required to bring any relevant work with you to class for the rest of the semester for the basis of discussion. Late Policy Milestones will become fairly rapid from here on out, so one late deliverable will throw off the whole project. You can always revise, but deadlines are critical. 1 Grading The project is worth 30% of your final grade, which will generally be the same for all members of the team. This may be modified based on the feedback your project team gives you. If you do significantly less work than an equal share, your grade will be adjusted accordingly. 2...
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Assignment4-general-cs325 - We will also discuss the...

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