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Cs325 - Fall 2011 Storyboards Part 4 of Project 4 The Big Idea Put together a storyboard to showcase tasks using your design and present it to the class for feedback. The Specifics 1. Come to lecture to get feedback from your peers. Your storyboards should be available in digital format, and the images of your storyboards should have sufficient resolution so that they may be projected. 2. In this step you will come up with the look and feel of your application. We would like you to produce rough sketches of your application's screens. Of course, it would be too much work to show every screen, so you start by writing a script that demonstrates some interesting sequence of interactions, then draw the screens that illustrate that script.
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Unformatted text preview: 3. We want you to storyboard the 3 tasks you picked in your last assignment. If you have learned in your further work that there are other tasks that would better drive the design, then you can come up with new ones, but be sure to check them out with the instructor first! These tasks should provide good coverage of your interface. You should sketch by hand and use a digital camera or scanner to post your sketches online. Don't use a computer drawing or interface builder program. The textbook and readings explain how this helps keep the focus on the design questions....
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