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Cs325 - Fall 2011 Paper Prototyping Part 5 of Project 4 The Big Idea Create the paper prototypes of your system that will be used to conduct user tests in the next step. The Specifics 1. Submit digital copies of your paper prototype online. There should be (1) overall image with ALL the parts of your paper prototype visible. You should also include smaller images that show the sequences of screens users encounter as they go through your 3 tasks. These can be scanned or photographed. 2. In this step you will create a paper prototype that you will use to test with your users. Your "paper" prototype may be constructed from cardboard, paper, post-its,
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Unformatted text preview: transparencies, etc. If appropriate, your prototype may include more than just "paper". ... it may also include constructions in prototyping environments that allow you to use Wizard-of-Oz techniques (i.e. simulated interactions) to demonstrate or test your system. Remember, you'll be doing user testing on this prototype for the next assignment, so make sure it's complete enough to support basic interaction even if your users make an error and stray from your prescribed task routes. Your paper prototype must have enough material to support users going through your 3 tasks (1 easy, 1 medium, 1 hard)....
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