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Cs325 - Fall 2011 Two Minutes Part 8 of Project 4: Make it Better To dos Be prepared to give a two-minute presentation in class. The Mission This is preparation for the two minutes you'll have in the final presentation. It will give you an opportunity to do some focused thinking about what is new, interesting, and important in your approach and design. That will help you focus on what to put those last days of effort into on your final project, and you may get some ideas from the other projects as well (that's fair - as long as you don't just copy). Put your effort into figuring out how to effectively communicate the essence of what you're working on. Give the audience a feel for the users and their needs, and the insights you're
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Unformatted text preview: pursuing to design something that will be a great solution. Don't try to recapitulate your process. Instead show the results it has produced and the directions you're planning to go for a final product. If you send us a link by 8pm the night before, you're welcome to use Powerpoints, videos, other visual aids, or whatever you choose, but you don't need to make a polished media presentation at this point. Similarly, low-technology presentations (like skits, etc) can be very engaging. It's about content and how well it represents your project. We'll have time for brief comments and questions after each presentation. 2 minutes is a hard time limit! 1...
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