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Cs325 - Fall 2011 To dos Iterate: Do 1 more user test on your high-fidelity prototype. Revamp your high-fidelity prototype based on the feedback you get. If you get the user test before the staff feedback on the 1st and 2nd, you should be on track. Presentation: Prepare your 2-minute presentation . Have at least one member arrive early to work out any technical glitches. Writeup: What you changed from your high-fidelity prototype. Submitted via email. No more than 750 words. Program: Post your final version in a place that we can download/access and run. Don't forget instructions for making it run! Specifics Iterate Do one more user test by getting someone to try out your high fidelity prototype. Based on
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Unformatted text preview: their feedback, improve your prototype, by filling in holes. For example, what if someone makes an error while proceeding on one of your tasks? Does your interface support that? Presentation You will have 10 minutes to give your presentation. There will then be 5 minutes of questions from the audience. Writeup This is an opportunity to give us information about your project that you didn't have time to include in the presentation. Don't overload it (we won't read more than a couple of pages), but use it to point us to things from your earlier process (download links are great!) that are relevant to understanding your process, your users, and your results. 1...
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