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Preparation for the Final What is the “ Hot Spot” theory on the formation of oceanic islands? A modern explanation of the Hawaiian island chain. Supposedly the Pacific plate drifts northwestward over a relatively fixed hot spot. After magma penetrates the plate and leaves a string of volcanoes. Where the most volcanic activity occurs. Theory by J. Tuzo Wilson. Describe the following: a) Tropical Rainforest Amazon basin, Southeast Asia, Indo-Malaysia - west coast of India, Assam Equatorial Africa, Congo New Guinea and Queensland, Australia. Poor soils. Oldest and most weathered soils, warm temperatures year round, trees evergreen. Many of the world's plants and animals live there. They produce 40% of Earth's oxygen b) Savanna: Grasses with few scattered trees, wet/dry climate;wet season with heavy precipitation. Dry season with drought. Common in parts of South America, India, Australia and Africa. c)
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